Aug 21, 2007

Grandaddy Basin

Just a few pictures from a weekend in the high Uintah wilderness. This is a special place for me. It is where my first backpacking trip into the high country happened and where I realized that I loved being alone in the wild.

This is a view of Grandaddy Basin from Hades Pass a saddle you climb over to get into the basin from the Grandview trail.

Nate trying out Betsy Lake.

After spending our first night next to a group of inconsiderate, noisy idiots we decided to go cross country and try out our orienteering skills. We did spend an hour wandering around semi lost for an hour after we shot past one of the lakes we were heading to but we eventually found our way to Sonny Lake. That night was cool, breezy, peaceful and quiet.

An unnamed lake north of Mohawk Lake - just after the rain.

A fish?

A view of the canyon on the drive out.

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